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What is ManisteeSpeaks?

ManisteeSpeaks was created from discussions and threads that appeared in the “Vanished Manistee” Facebook group. Many of the images and thoughts posted in that group started discussions not just on Manistee’s past, but its present and future. ManisteeSpeaks is an online forum to consolidate and focus those discussions and input from residents and guests.

What is the goal of ManisteeSpeaks?

Simply, to provide a forum for people to share their thoughts on the present and future direction of the community—not just the City of Manistee, but all of Manistee County. Hopefully, our public officials will take note of the conversations and use the input in their decision-making, and even possibly become active in the discussions themselves.

Why do I need a Facebook account to comment on ManisteeSpeaks?

ManisteeSpeaks wants all Manistee residents, visitors and stakeholders to have a part in the discussion. The reason we decided to force commenters to use Facebook to post is to hold our participants accountable for their comments. An anonymous, cryptic screen name makes it too easy for people to safely post negative or unproductive comments and destroy the effort that ManisteeSpeaks is trying to achieve. By using Facebook, commenters must not only follow our rules and regulations but also the Facebook Terms of Service, meaning if participants get out of line, they may not only be banned from this site, but also from Facebook entirely.

Additionally, people who are brave enough to post using their own identities will bring the community’s leaders to the forefront, which is what Manistee needs.

What if I have something important to say but there could be consequences if I post under my own name?

If contributing facts or truths to the forum might cause lead to consequences with an employer, group, or another similar situation, you can use this form and the forum moderators will decide whether to post your comment anonymously. Read the rules and regulations for more information on this.


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