Meijer in Manistee: Rumor or Reality

Everyone seems to have a different spin on if Meijer will set up shop in Manistee.  Some say land has been sold to the Michigan based retailer in the US 31 and M 55 area and demolition of the former Dry Dock has begun. Some say Meijer’s only purchased the land so a competitive retailer, as Wal Mart could not build and some say Meijer will not consider building locally.

If by chance, Meijer would be a reality in Manistee Township, what is your opinion of a commonly called Big Box Store?  Do you think it will ruin the ambiance of the Victorian Port City?  Do you think it will keep a portion of the $41 million dollar annual retail leakage in this county?  Would it take away the patrons of the long standing downtown businesses? Would you welcome another retailer or would you protest against a new merchant? 

There are no right or wrong opinions and give you reasons for the stand you take.



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